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Jason Kidd and Derron Williams leaving a golf course in the Hamptons

Rumor has it (Adele Voice) Derron Williams and Jason Kidd have formed a dynamic duo. The two have allegedly decided that wherever they will be playing next season they will be playing together. Sounds sweet huh?

All fingers are pointing towards them headed to Brooklyn. They say Kidd has just purchased a home in the Hamptons and salary cap wise the Nets have more to offer than the Mavericks, the other team in the running for the two. I’m sure if the Nets had known this they wouldn’t have wasted a pick on Tyshawn Taylor. This offseason could be huge for the Nets. If some way they could get the Magic to trade Dwight Howard  and maybe pick up a Ray Allen then we might have another championship contender on our hands. Lets not forget what Kidd did in his last stint with the Nets. If they hold on to Kris Humphries and Gerald Green gets back to his old form they could ball.

In the past few seasons we have seen a lot of players dictating where they want to go. Melo’s demand to go to New York, Lebron’s decision, and now Kidd and Williams forming a tag team. Do the players have too much power deciding where they want to play? Is this good or bad for the NBA? Who knows but we’ll soon find out.


See I do stupid shit and make them think I have a plan


Once again another shitty draft by my Lakers. After the all the hype about trying to make a deal to get in the top 10. No deal was done. No Pau to Memphis. No kinda big deal. I mean why even trade Pau to begin with? Why not trade Bynum? We won two rings with Gasol playing a big role down low and here comes Bynum fucking up the rotation, but Pau’s on the trading block?Smh

I would have loved to see Bynum go to charlotte for Augustin and a pick. But that was wishful thinking. What we actually got was Gonzaga Center Robert Sacre and Marquette Guard Darius Johnson-Odom via Dallas for some ” cash considerations. I mean Sacre is an okay pick for the last guy in the draft. He’s talented when he wants to be. He’s a decent defender I saw him against Jared Sullinger in the tournament last season but he lacks work ethic and Mike Brown isn’t a coach to whip players in to shape so he could go either way.

Darius Johnson-Odom is a shooter. He’s listed as a point guard but he’s nothing more than a shooter. He’s a competitive player but he plays like a street baller. I didn’t watch him much last year but I didn’t see much in the area of creating but he can score though. He’ll bring energy off the bench but that’s about it.

Seeing as we really need a point guard I hope we make some kind of deal. Metta World Peace tweeted earlier about some trade he is supposed to keep under wraps but knowing Metta it could of just been some bullshit.

Lets hope it’s some kinda move really in the making cause this roster really needs an overhaul. They definitely haven’t melded as a team. Bynum added to the mix just destroyed the chemistry of the team. Pau’s catching the ball too far out cause Bynum just stands around in the post. I’m not going to turn this into a Bynum bashing but it’s obvious I hate the guy. All I think about is with that 16 million off the books the amount of talent we can lure to L.A. But on another note Mitch make a damn move before I send Ghost Dog after you. *Serious Face*

IT’S FOOTBALL SEASON BABY!!….well not quite, but you get the picture. In my life football season pretty much starts with the onset of Spring Football. You have the teams being wowed by the incoming freshman, championship talk, coaches on the hot seat, and Heisman hopefuls. The coveted Heisman trophy….who’s going to win it this year? Luckily it’s no as easy as picking the NBA MVP but here are my top picks….



1.Geno Smith – West Virginia University

West Virginia QB Geno Smith is my Heisman front-runner hands down. The thing about the Heisman trophy is that it goes to the most outstanding player that year. Geno epitomizes the word. Last season Geno threw for 4,385 Yards 31 TD’s and only 7 interceptions. Another reason he’s my Heisman frontrunner because he’s in the best situation. He’s in a pass happy offense where Heisman numbers are easy to come by and this is his second year in the system so he’s more familiar with it. He has an excellent primary target in Tyvon Austin and the move to the Big 12 plays a major role in this. Name recognition is big in Heisman voting. There’s a reason Case Keenum didn’t get major consideration last year ( 71% Completion Pct, 5,099 yrds passing, 48 TDs, and 5 ints). It’s because he played in a weak conference. West Virginia moves to the Big 12 this year and big games vs. Texas and Oklahoma are just what Geno needs to be holding that Heisman. If he improves on last season as expected I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t.


2. Matt Barkley – University of Southern California

All-American Superhero/USC Jesus/Flash Gordon look-a-like Matt Barkley is a close second. With a receiver like Robert Woods who wouldn’t be a Heisman hopeful QB. Add Marqis Lee to that and it’s kind of a no-brainer. The only reason I don’t have Barkley number one is because he isn’t a spread QB. If he was he’d be the front-runner hands down. If he doesn’t win the Heisman at least he’ll have a chance to win the National Championship.

3.Tyler Wilson – University of Arkansas

A year removed from Ryan Mallet and Hog nation has already forgotten about him thanks to Tyler Wilson. Wilson came out the gate swinging last season. Leading the Razorbacks to a 10-2 record and a win against Kansas State in the Cotton Bowl. Technically Georgia had the most yards on offense in the SEC but Arkansas averaged more yards per game making them the SEC’s top offensive squad. While losing Jarius Wright to the NFL i’m sure Arkansas won’t miss a beat on offense.

4.De’Anthony Thomas – University of Oregon

I have no idea what Thomas is listed as officially, whether it be RB or WR or Return Specialist. What I do know is that anytime this guy touches the ball he does work. He scored 18 TD’s last season. 2 Kickoff returns, 7 rushing, and 9 receiving. With LeMichael James gone that’s one less mouth to feed so his touches are going to increase. Last Season on offense he touched the ball 101 times, for 1,200 yards and 16 TDs. This guy is a big play machine. Although he may not be the number one RB or WR on this team. He’s going to get his. Watch out for the Black Mamba this fall.

5.Sammy Watkins – Clemson University

Sammy Watkins had an amazing freshman season. He led the nation in almost every statistical category he could for freshmen. We can only expect better from him this season. Him and his QB Tajh Boyd have had a year together. So it’s only right that we expect more explosive plays. Watkins numbers could take a hit this season because I’m sure he’ll face at least a few games suspension after a marijuana related arrest earlier this offseason. That could put a damper on his Heisman hopes.

6.Aaron Murray – University of Georgia

Murray has every reason to be on this list but I don’t really give him serious consideration. With Malcom Mitchell and Isiah Crowell I see Murray putting up big numbers but I don’t see the Dogs as a whole doing so well and that plays a factor in Heisman voting. Every year I remember UGA having really big expectations they always came up short. They key to Murray’s Heisman hopes is whether or not Mark Richt can hold this team together for a full season.


7. Landry Jones – Oklahoma University

Jones is a 4 year starter at Oklahoma. In his previous 3 years at QB he has always put up big numbers but nothing phenomenal. But he’s a big name in college football and Oklahoma is a big name in college football so those alone will keep him in the running. With him splitting time with Blake Bell I don’t expect him to win or even have a shot this year but I had to put his name in the running. He has a talented receiving corps and Oklahoma could surprise some people but I just don’t see it happening.

8.Montee Ball – University of Wisconsin

Ball was a TD machine last season. He scored 39 TDs. 39!!! That is crazy. With Russel Wilson gone Ball’s role in the offense is going to increase. Although he may not make 39 trips to the endzone he will still put up major numbers. If James White and Montee Ball can form a dominant ground game and Wisconsins defense can remain stout then that will do wonders for Ball’s Heisman stock.

9.Dennard Robinson – University of Michigan

Dennard Robinson might be the most exciting QB in college football but Shoelace won’t win the Heisman. He will wow us with his speed and he’ll score more than a few TD’s but his inconsistency and poor decision making will keep him out of the front running. He had his biggest game passing wise vs Notre Dame which was attributed to a lot of balls he just threw up there and his receivers went to go get them. Towards the end of the season he settled down and became a more efficient passer. We know he’s fast and a beast when he leaves the pocket but how well he does in the pocket is whats going to determine whether he wins the Heisman or not.

10. Tyler Bray Jr. – University of Tennessee

This is my personal sleeper pick. I am a die hard Vols fan myself but there is no denying Bray’s talent at QB. Last season he lost his top target Justin Hunter for the season to injury vs. Florida. Then he himself fell to injury missing five games last season.Bray has a cannon and is as cool as a penguins beak in the pocket. With him and Hunter both healthy this year I don’t see anything but big numbers and a lot of wins in his future. Bray might not win the Heisman this year but he will be in the consideration and if he returns for his senior season he’ll definitely be the favorite.


University of Alabama Head Coach Nick Saaban hoisting BCS National Championship Trophy


A few years ago when they were talking about the rumors for a college football playoff I simply said bullshit and continued to stir the sugar in my oatmeal. This time around I’m choking on my damn oatmeal. The BCS committe has approved a 4 team seeded playoff format. It still has to be voted on and approved but the climate thus far shows it’ll be approved. Who would have thought?

The BCS system has been getting a LOT of shade over the past few years. Especially last season when it pitted two teams from the SEC (Alabama Crimson Tide and the LSU Tigers)  against each other in the BCS National Championship. With the current formula schools like Boise State or TCU chances are slim to none at making National Championship game. With the strength of schedule plugged in it gives an overwhelming advantage to the bigger schools in stronger conferences while the little guy just gets stepped on, once again. But that’s the American way isn’t it? Oh well *shrugs*.

The kinks in the system still have to be worked out. Things like how the teams will be chosen and the sites where the games will be played are still being debated. One plan is that the games will be played at the traditional BCS bowl sites (Fiesta, Sugar, Orange Bowls). But that would eliminate conference tie ins like Big 10 and PAC 10 champions playing in the Rose Bowl every year. We’ll see how all that turns out. If approved the playoff format will begin in 2014.

This is really big. We are ushering in a new era of college football. With all the conference realignments and rule changes going on things are going to be a lot different. I think it was in 98 when the BCS began and my UT Vols won the National Championship. And already, 14 years later college football is changing yet again. Thats a good sign for the world if some of the most conservative individuals are susceptible to change for the better. Let’s just hope it’s as good a sign for college football.





On Tuesday during a Viking practice Wide Receiver Percy Harvin stated he was unhappy in Minnesotta but he was pretty vague on what he was unhappy about. You don’t really have to be a genius to figure it out though. No stability in the front office, and perennial game of musical chairs at QB, and a contract he’s outperformed. I think that’d be enough and on top of that the Vikings are a shitty team right now. We feel you pain Percy.

In the Vikings defense, Harvin has had issues with missing games because of migrane headaches and several other nagging injuries but when he plays he produces at a level worth more than 2 million a year. In 3 years with the Vikings Harvin has 3,212 yards from scrimmage and has scored 24 TD’s 4 of those touchdowns on special team returns. To put those numbers into perspective Green Bay Packer Gregg Jennings has 3,317 yards and 25 TDs and Dallas Cowboy Miles Austin has 3,034 yards and 26 TD’s in that same span. Jennings made 6.5 million last year and Austin made 8.5 million dollars. We understand the business side of the game and the un-willingness to resign Harvin due to his injury history but numbers don’t lie. 

Harvin’s issues with the management are well documented. Such as his altercation with former Head Coach Brad Childress in a workout session at the Vikings facility. It has yet to be seen how he will react to this new coach and his scheme but I’m sure he isn’t to happy about it. The Head Coach is a defensive minded coach and the offensive coordinator has yet to prove himself worthy of the title. We’ll see how that pans out this upcoming season. 

Another problem a disgruntled Harvin might have is QB. Joe Webb and Christian Ponder are the top two QBs on the roster and both of them suck. I don’t even know why Christian Ponder was drafted that high coming out of Florida State. I’m guessing the Vikings took the Al Davis route and went solely off of his arm strength. Neither one of them are the answer at QB. Both of them suck ass starters but could work out to be decent backups at best. 

So Harvin is in a bind. Underpaid, on a shitty team, and to top it all off, the team management said they have no interest whatsoever in trying to trade him. Harvins shit out of luck. Me personally I say Harvin shuts up and plays cause it will pay off when his contract is up and other teams are looking. How he handles this situation could cost him millions down the road because in todays NFL character may be more important than talent. I.E Terrell Owens and Randy Moss. We’ll just have to wait to see how this pans out. The Vikings need to handle this cause with Adrian Peterson rehabbing from a knee injury they’re gonna need all the Harvin they can get. 

Good Luck with that shit Serge


Lebron James responded to the salt thrown by Serge Ibaka about him not being a good defender. Of course we know that’s bullshit but Lebron had this to say about it.

” I don’t really care what he says, he’s stupid”, referring to Ibaka in an interview earlier today.

“Everyone says something to me every series then (the media) tries to get a quote. It’s stupid.”

“For me as a defender, I just try to make plays and try to keep my body in front of a great player,” James said. “First of all I’m not playing 48 minutes and Kevin’s not playing 48 minutes. I’m not guarding him for 48 minutes. When I’m on him, I’m just trying to make it tough for him to make shots, which he’s going to make.”

It sounds like Lebron is fed up with the bullshit. Here he has backups coming at his neck with the media “boosting” Serge trying to get a response out of Lebron. I liked the way Lebron handled it though, it was classy. He could have took the Metta World Peace route and said he doesn’t respond to backups comments, which would have been just fine with me. But once again Lebron was the bigger man. Shoutout to him but I really wish he would go on one of those Allen Iverson rants just once.

We can’t really blame Serge though, they don’t have any filters in Africa. Too expensive. But either Serge is going to get dunked on or he’s gonna send Bron’s shit, either way I’m excited for tonights game.