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Cincinnati Bengals head honchos have decided to institute a ban on twitter for the remainder of training camp. Earlier this offsesason Rookie CB Dre Kirkpatrick tweeted about a leg injury he had sustained during team activities. Apparently Marvin Lewis was livid about that. Even though under league policy teams are required to report player injuries. So i’m not exactly sure why he was really angry about it. The Bengals haven’t had any major issues with players tweeting play books or risque pictures of female associates so it’s really confusing as to the reason for the ban.

Lewis has been quoted as saying “I don’t see how tweeting is going to help us win a football game,” . Well I’m not sure how not tweeting is going to help them win games either. His logic is that the team as a whole should ignore outside influences during training camp so that they can focus on football. So is he also instituting a ban on television or cell phone usage? I feel like it’s borderline communist saying that players can’t utilize social networks for no more reason than the fact that Marvin Lewis doesn’t like social media.

I highly doubt that any of this will make a difference. The Bengals have had an abundance of talent pass through their locker room the past few years and Marvin Lewis hasn’t been able to manage it. Lewis is a coach on the hot seat who is frustrated with losing so he’s doing anything he can to change the culture of the team. He’s exhibited year after year that he can’t demand respect from his players as other coaches in the league can. We all remember the entire fiasco with Chad Johnson. The thing is Marvin, banning players from twitter won’t help you win any more games but being a better coach will. You should try it.



Workers Taking Down Joe Paterno Statue


This is the question I want an answer to. Joe Paterno literally gave his life to college football. Everything we know about Joe Paterno is related to either Penn State University or college football. This is the winningest football coach in NCAA history. This is the man who preached hard work and encouraged his players to excel academically as well as on the field. The man who was a well known supporter of cancer research and gave millions upon millions to charity and raised even more. The same Joe Pa who wore those thick rimmed glasses and rolled up pants every Sunday for as long as i can remember. That is the Joe Paterno that I know the one I grew up hearing about. My father is a huge Penn State fan so he was a big part of my childhood. So to me this bullshit is unacceptable.

Everyone says how Joe Paterno could have done more. Well so could the police who received reports. So could Joe Paternos boss, so could that graduate assistant, what about the campus president? Is no one else to blame for this mess that took place? Is the system not broken? What steps are being taken to assure something like this never happens? Nothing…nothing at all. Everyone is just fine with Joe Paterno being the scapegoat and we will go on discussing his legacy while nothing is done about the real problem.

The main problem that I have with this is when Joe Paterno was alive no one had anything to say about him hiding the truth or this huge conspiracy theory. Because let’s be real, regarding Joe Paterno’s involvement in this scandal that’s all it is. There isn’t any concrete proof that Paterno did anything wrong but he is receiving all the backlash. When Joe Paterno was fired by Penn State the entire nation sympathized with him. Penn State was the bad guy and they knew they were wrong. They caved under pressure from the media. They fired the man who was Penn State Football for about half a century. People talk about morals and values. Well what about loyalty? What about transparency?

Hands fucking down Joe Paterno is the best college football coach to ever live. And right now his legacy is being ruined because Jerry Sandusky raped some children. What did Joe Paterno do? We don’t know anything about the situation. There is only widespread speculation. Joe Paterno gave his life to Penn State and College Football and now both of them are spitting on his fucking grave. Taking down his statue? Vacating his wins? Throwing away all those former players hard work and accomplishments? That’s bullshit. Fucking bullshit. But we all still love Michael Jackson don’t we?? Some fucking world we live in.






New York Giants and former University of North Carolina Wide Receiver Hakeem Nicks, has been the subject of a lot of scrutiny lately. Nicks was involved in a NCAA investigation that proved he was academically ineligible in 2008. This is the year where he set several receiving records at the University of North Carolina, including most receiving yards in a single season and the career record for totals in receiving yards and touchdowns. Team representatives have stated that Nicks records will remain in the record books but those records he holds will be noted with an asterisk due to him being academically ineligible during that season.

Reports show that Nicks had a tutor by the name of Jennifer Wiley who did a little more than tutor him. While she was supposed to be assisting him in writing his paper she actually wrote portions of the paper. To me that still sounds like assisting if she didn’t write the whole thing. But whatever, rules are rules. I don’t know if the NCAA is going to go as far as vacating wins from that season but so far Nicks is solid. Honestly no one really cares about academic pitfalls for athletes because no matter how often they want to tell us that they are student athletes and student comes first we all know the truth. I wonder how many time would they have allowed Nicks to be excused from practice to study for a test or to miss a game so that he could makeup a missed midterm. Student comes first my ass.

Since Nicks has been in the NFL he hasn’t been anything less than an awesome team player. He’s posted big numbers, chalking up two consecutive 1,000 yard receiving seasons and a fucking awesome highlight reel to boot. As far as the record books go as long as he wasn’t juicing we don’t care about the asterisk and as far as his pro career goes. Right now his star is shining bright enough to blind anyone of some former poor academic choices. It’s sad when a past player cheating on a test gets more airtime that your upcoming season. So much for the hype surrounding Larry Fedoras inaugural season as Head Coach lol

So Steve Nash has this thing called Nash On Camera where he is supposed to be releasing a video parody every week. This week he did the Godfather he doesn’t quite smash it but man I’m waiting on the Metta World Peace guest appearance. This is going to be a great season for us Lakers fans. Check it out here




Robert Kraft is 72 years old and has a 32 year old girlfriend that looks like she plays the drunk victim in Russian spy movies. I would assume her box is supreme seeing as she got him to participate in an audition for some low budget shit movie. The things us men do for the box. SMH. Who wrote this script? Who let her in this audition? Here is the video of the audition featuring Kraft, needless to say I’m sure she won’t get the part.

About two weeks ago, the NFL had it’s rookie symposium. It’s a weekend where the veterans come in and speak to the rookies about the route to take to be successful in this game and about some routes that they shouldn’t take. The rookies go on a tour of the Hall Of Fame and get thoroughly introduced to the awe-inspiring organization that is the NFL. This year the NFL made a few changes and had the AFC and NFC hold their conferences with their respective players separately. This was to add more intimacy to the settings in hopes that the players will take it a little more serious. Which I believe they should. I also think that the NFL has to take it more serious as well.

NFL rookies go from making about nothing a year to millions upon millions.  With that money comes the ability to do things you never dreamed of. You can buy all the cars you ever wanted, you can get women who were out of your league before, and just afford to waste money on lavish leisure items. But is that what you should do? No it isn’t, but to resist that temptation is difficult and I hope the NFL doesn’t think that one weekend out of a year is going to change that. The NFL rookie symposium is somewhat of a joke. It’s like a powerpoint about drunk driving. Like that ever stopped anybody.

Some of the noted speakers from this years symposium were Michael Vick and Terrell Owens, also,  Adam “PacMan” Jones requested that the league let him speak at the symposium to share his story. Each one of these players problems were attributed to horrid decision making and a cast of leeches fromt their past who influenced them to make absurd decisions. They told their stories to rookies and i’m sure the rookies listened but Vick or Owens isn’t going to be there to tell those rookies not to buy that woman a porsche just because she’s gorgeous or not to pay his entire families bills. The message that was delivered was eye opening. It was a powerful message, but who is going to enforce the message?

You know what would actually help these players? A fully functional support system put into place that would help players deal with what they’re about to get into. The league should assign about 3 veterans from each team to be designated mentors for these players to teach them the ins and outs of being a NFL player and a millionaire. How to deal with the newly acquired fame and fortune. The players should be forced to take financial counseling courses and be required to at least consult with a respected financial management agency. The NFL should put credible individuals in place to assist and advise these players on how things should go or how to address certain problems. Maybe that would prevent so many of the players from going bankrupt after making 15 million dollars only a few years before.

When I was in the Marine Corps there was this thing we used to do called taking care of your own. With my boots any problem they had they turned to me and if I couldn’t help them I looked up the chain of command. The NFL doesn’t do that. That make half hearted attempts to counsel these kids to pacify the media. The NFL sends these players out here with all this money and just expect them to be responsible with it. And then they crucify them when they get into any kind of trouble when said trouble could have prevented if they had a league assigned mentor or something. People say “oh these are grown men they shouldn’t have to be baby-sitted and treating like children”. But let me ask you this, how many adults do you know whose immaturity its grossly apparent ? Now give the millions to play around with, with no restrictions. They can handle it cause their adults right ?

Phoenix here I come


Apparently good guards and Hornets uniforms don’t mix well. Ever since the Suns offered Eric Gordon a 4 year 58 million dollar tender, he has been screaming from the top of his lungs how much he wants to go to Phoenix. Players are dictating where they want to play a lot these days but I don’t see the Hornets letting Eric Gordon go. The only thing I can see is that Gordon’s ego was hurt when the Hornets drafted Austin Rivers since their game is similar. Or maybe it’s that Gordon got spoiled in LA and New Orleans is just too small of a city for him. Who knows? Whatever the reason it is obvious Gordon wants out now.

I don’t know what kind of plan the Hornets have for their roster. Jarret Jack was a good point guard last year. Jack and Gordon can do work in the backcourt so I don’t understand the Rivers pick. They can’t be expecting him to be a PG. I don’t think he’s capable of making that transition. So that only leaves the 2 and thats Gordon.  The Hornets obviously have no idea of what kind of team they are trying to build. They just drafted the best available players off the board and seeing as New Orleans has a losing environment. I don’t think Gordon is willing to wait to see if these players develop or not.

On the other hand the suns drafted Kendall Marshall, traded for Gordan Dragic and Michael Beasley. Dragic is a solid point guard. Marshall is going to have instant production off the bench. He might even be starting by seasons end. Beasley is a proven scorer he’s just had lots of obstacles. First he went crazy then he got hurt last year with the T’Wolves and they drafted Derrick Williams so this could be a breakout year for Beasley. Add Gordon and the Suns have the perfect Run n Shoot roster and they know how to win in Phoenix. Something that isnt common place in New Orleans.

With all that said Eric Gordon is the best player on the Hornets so I doubt that they will just let him walk away. They can’t set up a sign and trade until they actually sign him. All in all Gordon speaking out like that isn’t good for him. What if he stays in New Orleans? Then the fans know you wanted out, your teammates wanted out, you just sabotaged team chemistry on a team you might just end up being the leader of. Ball is in the Hornets court now though, they have until July 14th to match the tender. This new trend where players just tell everybody where they want to play is getting old very fast. It’s like you take a girl to Ruth’s Chris and she says she doesn’t like Ruth Chris she wants to go to Bones -___-. Women like that and players like Eric Gordon get the same response from me…. H** SIT DOWN!!!