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3 Million sounds like a huge ass bet but this is really a safe bet. They say he’s spreading the 3mill across 9  bookies because I know one bookie wouldn’t take a bet like this. Michigan is +14 in this game which means that they are a two touchdown underdog so vegas is giving them two touchdowns.

To you people who don’t gamble and don’t understand the point spread. The only way Mayweather loses is if the Wolverines lose by more than 14 points. If the Wolverines tie up or lose by 7 then Mayweather wins because they gave him 14 points. So the odds are in his favor.

This is as vulnerable as Alabama has been in years so its a great bet by Mayweather. The Tide lost the core of it’s defense to the draft and their top offensive weapons. The tide has loads of talent but none of this talent is proven. Let’s not be too surprised when “Money” Mayweather comes home 3 mill richer after Saturdays Game.




Last week I did a post about my top ten breakout players this year and Mariota was the only one on the list that was shrouded in obscurity. This was while he was in the midst of a QB battle with Bennett and  the word was that Bennett was the frontrunner to start at QB. But let me tell you if you have ever seen Mariota play at all you wouldn’t question this decision. While he is raw and has zero college experience he does have a cannon, great touch on his passes and a 4.4 40 yard dash.

With Mariota getting the nod at QB and a backfield consisting of Barner and Thomas the Ducks are going to have the most explosive backfield in the nation. From what I have seen Mariota is a better passer than Thomas and more athletic. I’m sure defenses will be keying in on Oregon’s backs when they are in the game so Mariota is going to have to make plays to keep them honest. Oregon’s defense is decent but they can’t matchup against high powered offenses. In those games Mariota’s play will be key to them pulling out the victory.

They are saying that Mariota can be the next Thomas. I will set the bar even higher for him, I say he can be the next Dennis Dixon. We will see how Mariota fares against a subpar Arkansas State  team on the 1st. It’ll be put up or shut up cause if he struggles i’m sure Chip won’t hesitate to give the reigns to Bennett.

I’ve seen scenes play out like this so many times. I’ve even been a victim of a few of them. Your mouth writes a check that your ass can’t cash. At the Reebok Breakout camp some high school recruit challenges John Wall to a game of one on one. Wall lets the kid get like three easy buckets then gets somewhat serious and its over. The game promptly ends with Wall dunking on the kid. Post game the kid says he beat me but I blocked his shot though. Moral victories are for clowns.


Above is a video of Jason Pierre-Paul dumping Prince Amakamuru into an ice pool. The video was reportedly taken by Punter Steve Weatherford. Initially I thought it was some hazing but Prince isn’t a rookie. Then you watch the players demeanor post dumping. Prince’s face shows it definitely wasn’t all in fun and games and you see Pierre-Paul boasting afterwards saying ” Tossed that nigga ass man, nigga ain’t gone do shit to me ” The whole while there is another Giants player telling Prince that he needs to stand up for himself. 

This is apparently bullying. This is the same issue that we are currently battling in schools across the nation and here we have NFL players, role models, doing the same thing. It’s really sad. And you would think after making millions Pierre-Paul’s vocabulary would have grown to the point where he didn’t have to say nigger every three words. Look for Tom Coughlin to bring the hammer down on these boys.





AP TOP 25 ( 1st Place Votes )

1. USC Trojans ( 25 )

2.Alabama Crimson Tide ( 17 )

3.LSU Tigers ( 16 )

4. Oklahoma Sooners ( 1 )

5. Oregon Ducks

6. Georgia Bulldogs

7. Florida State Seminoles

8. Michigan Wolverines ( 1 )

9. South Carolina Gamecocks

10. Arkansas Razorbacks

11. West Virginia Mountaineers

12.  Wisconsin Badgers

13. Michigan State Spartans

14. Clemson Tigers

15. Texas Longhorns

16. Virginia Tech Hokies

17. Nebraska Cornhuskers

18. Ohio State Buckeyes

19. Oklahoma State Cowboys

20. TCU Horned Frogs

21. Stanford cardinals

22. Kansas State Wildcats

23. Florida Gators

24. Boise State Broncos

25. Louisville Cardinals

The year that USC is finally eligible to go to a bowl game they are the number one team in the land. Thanks to the Penn State scandal they land Silas Redd to give them the best offense in the country or at least tie with West Virginia for that spot. What I don’t understand is how USC is ranked number 1 overall without a dominant defense.  USC gave up 374 yards per game last season to Alabama’s 181. For USC to hold on to this ranking their defense is going to have to step it up.

SEC still dominant. The SEC has 5 teams in the top 10 and 6 teams in the top 25. By seasons end the SEC could have as many as 8 ranked teams. Unfortunately most SEC teams don’t have too many big out of conference games to prove themselves against the voters but a tough SEC schedule should be hard enough.

I also doubt that Oklahoma and Florida State stay in the top 10 for long. Outside of E.J. Manuel there isn’t much proven talent on Florida States offense. I wouldn’t say that Manuel is a proven playmaker. Last season he threw for 18 TD’s and 8 interceptions and was kept in game largely due to Florida States swarming defense. We’ve been judging Manuel off of his potential and not production. I save judging off potential for Freshman other than that I go off what I see and I haven’t seen much from Manuel. Oklahoma just doesn’t have a good enough team to dominate the Big 12 like it did last year.

The two teams I’m personally excited about are Oregon and UGA. If Oregon beats USC twice this year and doesn’t get upset by Washington or Stanford then they could end the season #1 because there won’t be an undefeated team coming out of the SEC this year. UGA has BCS championship hopes this year. They have a schedule and talent enough to do it. UGA’s only weakness is that they’re thin in the secondary but Missouri and Tennessee are the only high powered offenses they play this season. If UGA can come into the SEC championship game with one loss and not get upset by Georgia Southern then they have a chance to make it to the BCS National Championship game. Mark Richt’s team has been known to fold under high expectations but with Jarvis Jones, Malcolm Mitchell, Aaron Murray and Freshman Keith Marshall it’s looking like Richt’s holding 4 of a kind.