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After numerous attempts by players to get the nod for a prime time Emmy award, the NBA is finally recognizing flopping as an issue that damages the integrity of the game. Recently flopping has become a big problem in the NBA, affecting the way the game is played and even how the game is called by the refs. A referees call has to be consistent so if he calls a flop once then he has to call that same flop a foul every time. As a player, guarding a notorious flopper puts you at a great disadvantage as well. Breathing too hard may send the better floppers flying into the stands.

This upcoming season the NBA will be commissioning a committee similar to the one that reviews flagrant fouls. Questionable calls will be reviewed by the league office and if determined a flop, players will receive a fine from the NBA. This should make players a bit more more cautious about flopping for calls and give the defenders a bit more wiggle room so they no longer have to fear the flop.

There’s a thin line between foul and flop. Maybe this season King Flop ( Lebron James ) and his faithful budding flopee ( Mario Chalmers ) will figure out where it’s drawn.

Below are a few of King Flop’s highlights.




Let me say as a Vols fan. I am purely disgusted at our teams play. Specifically the coaching staff and the defense. The reasons why we lost the game boil down to coaching. Let me break the reasons down to you.

1. On defense. The entire night we lacked discipline. Every big play the Gators had in the first half was from the Vols inability to hold the edge. They horribly over pursued several plays and simply refused to maintain gap responsibility. Vols were up at halftime and I told a friend I was watching the game with, “if these boys don’t do something about controlling that edge we are going to have some problems.” Sure enough the second half their first TD came off an edge play. Then another TD came off a fake to the edge which caused the team to over pursue and leave the middle wide ass open. I don’t what kind of angles those players were taking. When teams lack fundamental it comes down to bad coaching. The players on defense are completely lost in this scheme and it shows every play when it takes them a day and half to get set and let’s not mention how lost they look when the defensive audible. So Sunseri get those boys together.

2. Play call was ass. When your defense is lost like that that is when you dial up the pressure to compensate. I didn’t see many DECENT blitzes called. I didn’t see any aggressive play calling out there on defense. Just stand back and look stupid calls. Side note,  Kudos to McCullers. He held his own out there. Back to coaching, on offense, shitty play calling as well. The game plan was pound the ball work off the play-action. The Vols scored one TD in the second half and completely abandoned that.

3. Second half adjustments. Vols made 0. On play action  Florida players kept getting caught in single coverage or out of position. Florida’s D is so inexperienced, you run the ball a few plays and they creep up, it’s simple. Motion Hunter in the slot on the same side as Rivera since they were doubling Rivera. Dooley might need to trade in those pants for some coaching skill points.You’re in the pistol throw some flashy plays out there. A few screens here and there, ease up the pressure and please don’t fucking abandon a game plan again when it’s obviously working.

Overall I was really disappointed in the Vols. Hunter had a big drop on 4th down that completely took the wind out of their sails. They laid down after that. I hated that shit. That has to change. After Akron, there is a 4-game stretch against UGA, Alabama, Mississippi State, and South Carolina. Right now, I feel like Big Orange can come out on top against 3/4 of those teams. We will see though.


Congrats ULM for beating a ranked FBS team for more than likely the first time in your schools history.

Now that that is out of the way, Arkansas played horrible. Can you say over rated ? The number 8 team  in the country should never be on an even keel with such a lowly team. Is the loss of head coach Bobby Petrino to blame? The injury of QB Tyler Wilson ? Of course not. When you are in the top ten of the country a team not even in the top 50 shouldn’t be able to compete with your second team.

Kniles Davis was touted as one of the best backs in the SEC. Not anymore. He was held to 62 yards on 16 carries. And if I am correct only 35 yards in the second half. Arkansas had the lead. Why not pound the ball if you have one of the best running backs in the NCAA? Good question right?

An answer isn’t necessary, we saw that Arkansas is over rated and as of today they are right where they belong…unranked. My Tennessee Vols had a dominating performance vs FCS Georgia State ( As they should ) and Arizona upset number 18 Oklahoma State boosting them both into the top 25.

Contrary to the information leaked by it seems that Mayweahther didn’t bet on Michigan and lose. Terez Owens reported that Mayweather actually raked in 3 mill after Bama destroyed Michigan.

Floyd Mayweather won 3 million off of Alabama destroying Michigan 41-14. It’s funny how all you foolio’s were telling me he took Michigan. Floyd is a winner and we will be laying down our hard earned cash on whatever he bets. 1-0 us.” – Terez Owens

All of us little people who work hard for all of our money were so excited that Mayweather lost after betting such a large sum of money on one game and now we are all enraged that he won. Hoorah for capatalism!!!

5. UGA Bulldogs

Mark Richt and the GeorgiaBulldogs have a long history of flaking when they have big expectations. This year looks no different. The Bulldogs have no offense creativity. Their two biggest playmakers are Branden Smith and Malcolm Mitchell. Both players are on the defensive side of the ball when they both have showed flashes of greatness with the ball in their hands. The UGA coaching staff should have developed those players into stars and maybe they wouldn’t be in the position they are now. With the loss of Isiah Crowell and Malcom Mitchell moving to defense the dogs really have no dominant playmaker on offense save Aaron Murray. He has to throw the ball to someone and Tavarres King has shown in past years he can’t shoulder that load. Whether or not true freshman running back Keith Marshall can get rolling will be key for the Dogs in the coming weeks because if they can’t score then they can’t win.

4.Cordarelle Patterson

The Junior College transfer from Kansas put on a show in his debut. He beat David Amerson with a double move for a 41 yard touchdown catch and later outran Amerson to the end zone on a plain old wide receiver reverse play. Amerson was touted as the top corner in the nation this year so that is saying some thing. Vols fans everywhere, including myself, can breathe a little easier knowing that we have a competent replacement for Da’Rick Rogers. But just imagine if we had all three of them playing together. Phew…

3.Oklahoma Sooners Offense

Landry Jones struggled greatly against the University Of Texas-El Paso. To be honest it should have been embarrassing for Sooners fans to see their offense struggle against a second rate defense. Other than Kenny Stills the Sooners had no options on offense. As talented as Texas’ defense and the rest of the Big12 is this year Landry Jones and company have to figure it out and figure it out soon.

2. Ohio State

With Urban Meyer calling the shots I knew that I would see an improvement but I didn’t think that it would be this much of a leap. Last year when Braxton Miller dropped back to pass he looked like a 5th grader with a biochemistry textbook. Meyer has done a wonderful job of tailoring the offense to Millers strengths and shying away from his weaknesses. The comparisons to Tim Tebow are already rolling in. Miller is about as competent a passer as Tebow and just as dynamic in the run game. While Miller isn’t as strong a runner, he outpaces Tebow is speed and quickness. As similar as their playing styles are Miller will play a bigger role because he lacks the weapons that Tebow had at Florida. His role will be more similar to Alex Smith in Utah than Tebow in Florida. Millers first big test will come on September 29th vs Michigan State and that stingy defense. I’ll save my praise till then.

1. Alabama Crimson Tide

I will be honest with you. I thought the Tide were going to have a subpar season and on some level I still do but against Michigan it was pure domination(call of duty voice). The Tide had new starters at almost every key position on the field and they still went out and executed flawlessly. People talk about how they reloaded with talent through recruiting but their performance against Michigan was a testament to the greatness of Nick Sabaan as a coach. He had those boys prepared to execute. I’m not getting too high on the Tide because Michigan was an overhyped team. Despite the numbers Dennard Robinson was never really solid at QB and they were without their starting tailback. Michigan has a first year Head Coach so I really view this team as in a rebuilding phase despite the high expectations. In two weeks the Tide travel to Fayetville, Ark. to take on the Hogs. Then we get to see what this new Tide team is really made of. But Still congrats to the Tide for the dominant victory.