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Collin Klein has to be the Heisman frontrunner after his performance earlier today against West Virginia. He out dueled former Heisman frontrunner Geno Smith while posting over 350 yards of offense and 7 TD’s. This kid continues to impress and improve week after week.

His numbers are very similar to 2001’s Heisman Trophy Winner’s Eric Crouch. Could he end up with the same accolades?

Through seven games in the 2001 season here were Eric Crouch’s numbers:

672 Rushing yards 13 Rushing TDs

790 Passing Yards  4 Passing TDs

Here are Colin Kleins numbers through 7 games

551 Rushing Yards 14 Rushing TDs

1,397 Passing Yards 10 Passing TDs

Klein has the edge there with 486 more yards and 7 more TDs than Crouch had in 2001. This years Wildcats are also in a similar position as the 2001 Cornhuskers. Both teams were top 5, leading the Big 12 with championship hopes. We know what this recipe tastes like…

Klein is the best player on the #4 team in the nation. If they win out against Texas Tech, TCU, Texas, and bring home the Big 12 crown, you can bet your wife’s favorite flat iron that Collin Klein will be the Heisman frontrunner by seasons end. All we know for now is that after tonights performance, Collin Klein will be mentioned as one of the greats to grace the field at Snyder Stadium.

Can Klein do what Darren Sproles couldn’t? Only time will tell.

1462 17

1948 24


The 49ers just beat the Seahawks. On the final play of the game a penalty was called for a chop block on the Seahawks. If the 49ers would have accepted it they would have gotten two points and the ball back. The analysts on NFL network stated that Harbaugh denied the penalty so he wouldn’t have to risk a onside kick. ESPN Analysts Trey Wingo and Skip Bayliss echoed something similar through their twitter profiles.

Last time I checked after a safety the team has to punt the ball to the other team and they can’t onside or squib kick it. It’s a free kick. If that is the truth, why don’t three highly paid NFL analysts and an NFL coach know that? Maybe I’m wrong. Help me out guys…

I’m chilling watching the Jets game last night wondering for the life of me why can’t the Jets just give up on Mark Sanchez. They say he lead the Jets to the AFC championship game. Thats a joke, Sanchez rode the wave on a talented team. So I go to twitter to tweet something similar and what do I see??

I’ll show you guys.


I choked on a quesadilla ( shout out to Moes ) and then I see just how big of a joke the Jets have let themselves become to where T.O. alludes to the fact that they need help on offense. Then i’m thinking T.O. begging for work now? Man say it isn’t so, but my grandma always told me beggars can’t be choosy. Tannenbaum hit em up man; he’d be a perfect addition to that locker room.