Monthly Archives: November 2012

The Tennessee Volunteers recently fired their Head Football Coach, Derek Dooley. The firing was long overdue. Dooley and his entire staff needs to go. During Derek Dooley’s tenure at Rocky Top he posted a 15-21 record and 4-19 record in Conference play. Which is pathetic. In the past twenty years the Vols have 5 losing seasons. Three of those years belong to Dooley. It was his time to go. He has not done anything worth mentioning his entire time there. With the NCAA imposing more sanctions on the school because of Lane Kiffen’s violation it is going to make it a little harder to lure a talented to coach to Neyland. While Tennessee has a strong culture of winning and a historically prestigious program, Dooley has turned them into a doormat the past few years.


Jim Chaney is currently the interim Head Coach. I expect he will be fired as well. The offense has put up great numbers this year, but with the amount of talent on that team it is a consensus that the offense has underperformed. Sal Sunseri might be kept on staff. In what capacity I don’t know. This was his first year as Defensive Coordinator but the defense has been lost theentire season. The lack of tackling and assignment responsibility has been obvious. These are things that can be coached. Sunseri might be a great defensive mind but the coaching itself should be left to someone else cause apparently no one who plays for the Vols can understand what is going on.

A few names have been thrown around. David Cutliffe said he’s staying at Duke. He would be any Vols fan choice. Kirby Smart, Tommy Tuberville, and even Jon Gruden’s name has been thrown into the hat.   Gruden is a name I have questions about. In the NFL Gruden always preferred veteran players over rookies. I wonder does he have the ability to actually coach the younger players. That’s to be seen.

There are lot’s of names out there. Who do you guys think will be the best candidate?