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In Brooklyn patience is not a virtue. After a hot start the Nets have fizzled out and it seems the management has had it with Avery Johnson. P.J. Carlesimo will be taking over as head coach and i’m sure Phil Jackson has received a call by now to begin talks to become the Nets next head coach. Who knows Kiki Vandewegh might even get the job. I don’t know when General Managers will figure out that firing your head coach a quarter of the way into the season is not how you make it to the finals but it obviously isn’t this season.


The Los Angeles Lakers are a game under .500 and people act like they are the Washington Wizards. There are a lot of factors that play into this. The Lakers have had three different Head Coaches this season. They have a roster of players who haven’t really been on the court with each other that long. Dwight Howard is recovering from MAJOR back surgery and still isn’t 100%. The majority of the starting lineup has been in and out with injuries so they haven’t really had a chance to build any chemistry with each other.

To top it all off hiring Mike D’Antoni was an idiot move. Why would you hire a coach that loves to run with a roster that is obviously built for the half court. I remember times when Nash would try to push the ball and the rest of the team is just looking lost and other times Metta World Peace would be leading the fastbreak instead of letting Nash do his job. D’Antoni complains about defensive intensity not being “up there” but he has stated time and time again in his career the lack of importance for defense.

Throughout all this. The Lakers are still one game under .500 with 50+ games left, and when everyone becomes 100% and comfortable with this new system they’re playing in believe that they will be a force to be reckoned with.26B1lakerspromocolor20p-779x1024


Over the years I have watch Michael Vick wow me with moves quicker than an antelope , making defense look similar to when coyote would try to catch road runner. I have also watched him disgust me with his inaccuracy, lack of preparation, and his inflated ego which won’t allow him to accept what he is not….A GOOD quarterback.

Michael Vick to me is Good China. He’s a great conversation topic, it’s nice to say you have him, he’s extremely, and his functionality is equal to that of a paper plate. Vick has been exciting, he has been a good QB, but in his entire career he has not been a good QB. He never watched film in Atlanta because he thought he was so special that no other defense would resemble what teams would use against him. Idiot.

The Eagles figured well the china hasn’t been used in awhile, maybe we’ll get some good use out of it. Vick was 31 when the Eagles signed him to a 6 year deal worth 100 million dollars. Who pays 100 million dollars for used china? The dumbest move in history. Now Eagles fans are angry because Vick is doing what he’s always done. Be a horrible QB. And now that his years are catching up with him and everyone is just as fast he can’t really rely as heavily on those quick antelope moves he once had. But hey the Eagles could always put a cheetah on his back.

These days Vick’s leash is close to nonexistent. Although Nick Foles isn’t looking like the future at QB, neither is Vick. Foles is a lot cheaper than Vick, and football is still a business. Why pay more for the same production? There is a clause in Vicks contract that says if he gets hurt next season the Eagles can pay him the 3 million dollar guaranteed money and part ways with him. When dose Vick not get hurt? Vick was a Hokie, Falcon, then an Eagle. Given his love of team with bird Mascots could Vick be a Cardinal next season? They could use some good china down in Arizona.



NFL: San Francisco 49ers-Minicamp


This is funny to me. This offseason when I heard Brandon Jacobs was leaving the Giants for the 49ers I thought what in the hell is going on. Why would Jacobs go to a team with a Pro Bowl Running back and a solid back up that provided a definite one two punch? He should have known that he was never going to touch the field. Brandon Jacobs is about 250 pounds and tries to run like he’s 215. I can’t remember the last time he actually ran someone over in a goal line situation. Jacobs should have retired after the super bowl but instead he wanted to “come back like Jordan, wearing the 45”.

This is a prime example of players making stupid decisions. Brandon Jacobs could have easily went to a team that was in dire need of running back help but he wanted to play for a winner. It was obvious the Giants didn’t want him and he went to San Francisco with a sense of entitlement. He must have forgotten that playing time isn’t given. It’s earned.

They quoted him earlier this week saying,

“I am on this team rotting away so why would i wanna put any pics up of anything that says Niners. This is by far the worst year I ever had, I’ll tell you like I told plenty others”

Didn’t take long for the Niners to decide what to do with him. They suspended him for the remainder of the season. Of course Jacobs wants his money so he is appealing the decision. Which will more than likely be overturned and he’ll be granted a first class ticket out of San Francisco. They’re probably going to release him. He’s dead weight and the Niners have a quality organization with a strong locker room. A locker room that Jacobs hasn’t even spent much time in dressing out. Hopefully Jacobs gets his head together and gets back to work. He’s 30. Those glory years are past him. He better accept his role as a backup wherever he lands because he won’t be a starter for any team in this league. If not, I hope he invested well.


Last night the controversial Lakers SF Metta World Peace reached the 12,000 point plateau. His achievement was largely eclipsed by Kobe Bryant being the 5th player in NBA history to reach the 30K mark. When asked how he felt about it.
Metta World Peace responded. “Fuck That. I just want to win.”
“I judge myself on winning. That’s it.”

Might have been quote of the year.
If only all players adopted Mettas attitude. Minus the elbows of course.




Reports have leaked that say Cam Newton acted “shy” and like a “pre-madonna” during his first Pro Bowl. A lot of the veteran players are in an uproar about it. Can you believe that Cam Newton went so far as to diss “The Godfather” Ray Lewis? Grown men are seriously calling another grown man the godfather. I can understand giving respect but come on. This all stems from Cam Newton denying another NFL Players kid an autograph. He simply told the player that it was not the right time.

Am I to believe that the NFL is filled with players this sensitive. Cam Newton worked extremely hard to get to the NFL. Then did the same thing to earn Rookie Of The Year Honors. It seems his NFL brethren have a false sense of entitlement. Cam Newton doesn’t owe those NFL players anything other than to be respectful and cordial.

I’m not sure what they really expect from Cam. It isn’t like he called any of them out or just came out and disrespected any of them. He just didn’t kiss their asses like they wanted. To the NFL vets you gotta chill. It’s not like you were with him shooting in the gym.

Former Superstar Wideout appeared on ESPN’s First Take this morning. He came on the show it seemed to debate but for a minute the show strongly resembled a Larry King interview. We saw a Chad Johnson/Ochocinco who is a shell of his former self. His antics are all gone and it seems his show boating days are over. He appealed to NFL teams letting them know that he was available for next seasons and say “I’m quiet and always open”.

He was very open on the show. Chad has always been a polarizing figure so either you love him or you hate him. People who are fans of him may look at it as he is more mature. I find that amusing considering the normal person matures in early adulthood and not their early thirties. Other people who dislike him may be ecstatic that he has been reduced to nothing more than a struggling wideout. I’ve always been taught not to kick a man while he’s down.

While it has been a bumpy ride for Chad I don’t have any ill-feelings towards Chad. I actually applaud him for his antics because he was entertaining and last time I checked the NFL was in the business of entertainment. He never tarnished the game or disrespected anyone. He simply put on a show that we all wanted to see. Helped to commercialize the game of football so to speak.

I hope the man finds work somewhere. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders. What I didn’t like is how Bayliss and Smith broached some personal questions and touchy topics like domestic violence. Isn’t First Take a show meant to debate sports? What exactly does Domestic Violence have to do with sports? Day by day this show and it’s host are losing credibility by making this show The View of ESPN. All to the credit of Skip Bayliss, who lies somewhere between Ricki Lake and Barbara Walters in my book.