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Most notably we heard about Manti Teo’s imaginary girlfriend. This story gets more and more hilarious every time something new comes out. Apparently Manti Teo had a girlfriend who he never met. Which is weird considering he was the star player on the number one team in the nation. I highly doubt that there was a shortage of females in South Bend pursuing him. It’s a huge lie. He got caught and now he is trying to do damage control. This truly sounds like something only Olivia Pope could fix. Manti’s draft stock plummeted after he pulled a disappearing act in the BCS Championship game. After this fiasco here I would have him late 3rd round, early 4th. From what I here, his measurables aren’t all that great and given this embarrassingĀ situation I doubt he wants to go to the combine and face the ridicule from his peers.

The Lakers are 17-25 and Kobe Bryant has been very vocal about the team struggles. The coach is horrible for the team to begin with. They have two ailing big men with limited mobility. Both Pau and Dwight on the floor at the same time create serious spacing problems especially considering Dwights limitations. They obviously don’t want to play for this coach as we can see the lack of consistent tenacious play. Steve Nash has not been anywhere near effective as we though. Dwight has been close to non existent. His numbers aren’t too much lower than his career average but his impact has been minimal in just about every game. He whines and complains about the team but I haven’t seen him take any type of initiative to get the team back on track. I say trade Pau, trade Dwight.

Speaking of trading superstars the New York Jets have been shopping around All Pro cornerback Darrel Revis. Revis has been the only consistent high performer on the defense so I am not understanding this move at all. The Jets are a joke. Rex Ryan is a joke. The owner is a joke. The owner came out and said that Tim Tebow was forced on him. You go out and trade for a player that you don’t give an opportunity to win you games. That is crazy. Tebow may not have the tangibles but he wins. Sanchez throws interceptions and McElroy holds on tight to his Crimson Tide glory days because he’ll never see success at this level.

The Ravens and the 49ers are in the Har-Bowl. Colin Kapernick has an amazing story. It’s kind of like Willie Beamin, any given sunday, ish. Or how the dude replaces boobie miles in Friday Night Lights. The whole fiasco itself is interesting. God has Ray Lewis on his side or does Ray Lewis have God on his side? I’m not sure but I don’t blog about murderers. I’ll take the Ravens. Bernard Pollard has been channeling Bernard Hopkins and his nickname because he has been the executioner these past few weeks. Ravens 30-17


The Atlanta Falcons are up against the San Francisco 49ers this weekend. All week my father has been saying “It don’t mean a thang if you aint got that rang”. He is a lifelong 49ers fan and is referencing the fact that the Atlanta Falcons have never won a Super Bowl. That could all change this year, but first the Falcons have to get past the 49ers.

Sean Weatherspoon

The key to that will be discipline. Last week 49ers QB Colin Capernick destroyed the 49ers defense with 444 total yards and four touchdowns. Largely due to the success of the read option play. The Packers defense gave up huge plays on the ground opening up the play action and Kapernick made them pay.


It really adds up to horrible coaching. The defensive coordinator and position coaches simply weren’t doing their jobs down their own the sidelines. When defending the option gap/assignment responsibility is the only way you stop it unless you get penetration and blow every play up. That’s back to the basics of football. Defensive end has outside containment. Sam backer has QB. Safety has pitch man and everybody’s job is to make the tackle or turn the play back inside. You never lose containment on the ball. MAINTAIN DISCIPLINE!!

Luckily the Falcons have a defense that can do just that. They have a pretty athletic front seven that can chase down the option if need be. Their defense as a whole has seen success due to the scheme it runs and not individual performances. That’s why teams do better in the second half vs the Falcons because in the first half they can’t figure out what the defense is up to for the most part. The Falcons have a good coaching staff and i’m sure they’ll be prepared. The problem is that the 49ers can play smashmouth, they can spread the field and throw ball around, and they have the read option. Their personnel allows them to be versatile in whatever approach they choose.

They key to this game will be the Falcons getting up early and making the 49ers one dimensional on offense. Kapernick is a subpar passer so if they have to rely on his arm I don’t see the 49ers winning. But if the game is close and the 49ers pound the ball with Gore and James then the Falcons will give up some big runs and then comes the play action.

On the other side of the ball the Falcons just have to keep Matt Ryan standing upright cause that 49er pass rush is no joke. We’ll see the Falcons go their screen game and try to get Michael Turner going if the pass rush becomes a problem. This is going to be a good game. Not saying that they are the best but as whole these are two of the most talented offenses in the NFL. I’m excited for this game and seeing as I am a faithful Buccaneers fan I hate the Falcons. But since i’m an Atlanta native i’ll say this just once.

Atlanta it’s time to RISE UP!!!!

When you ask questions like this people get really touchy. “Of course Andy Reid is over-rated”; “No way is Reid over-rated”. Well, what are you rating Andy Reid?


Are we giving Andy Reid 100% of the credit for the Eagles success during his tenure as head coach? If so, yes Andy Reid is over rated. Reid’s scheme has just been blessed with very talented players on offense. Reid has been criticized heavily for throwing the ball entirely too much in his career for just reason. It wasn’t Andy Reid’s scheme that made the Eagle’s offense successful, it was Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook. Before Terrell Owens, the biggest receivers in Philly were Freddie Mitchell and Todd Pinkston. I can’t think of one instance where Reid’s coaching won the game for them.

You know whose play calling has won Philly some games? Jim Johnson. Johnson’s scheme had opposing offenses scared to play against that defense. Brian Dawkins had offensive players deathly afraid to cross the middle of the field. Troy Vincent and Bobby Taylor were two shutdown corners. The combination of Jim Johnson, Westbrook, McNabb, and Dawkins kept that team afloat. It wasn’t all Reid. Actually it was more them and less Reid.


People say well Andy Reid drafted them and hired Jim Johnson. Nope. That is the general managers job. Reid plays more of a consultant role in situations like that. Without Dawkins that defense became soft and the Eagles became the easy bake oven of defenses. The Eagles organization forgot that defense is what got them that far and not some extremely prolific offense. They gave Andy Reid too much credit and forgot about all the little things. I mean look at them now, a hodgepodge of high priced free agents with no heart.

So if you ask me I’d say yes. Andy Reid is extremely over rated. Andy Reid reminds me of Governor Ratcliffe from Pocahontas. Jim Johnson, McNabb and especially Dawkins gave that entire team character. Without those leaders the Eagles are just characters, cartoons at that.


Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett announced this morning that he plans on suing the NCAA for the sanctions handed down. I believe he has all the right to do so. An entire program and school was punished for the actions of a few people.

The $16 million dollar fine on the football program. How did that serve justice for the molested children? Here you are punishing an entire program which includes several families, students, etc. for the actions of a few individuals.

Forfeiting the wins. Why would you forfeit the wins for those years and tarnish the legacy of all those players and other individuals for the actions of a few people? Did Sandusky molesting kids give Penn States football team an unfair advantage over the other schools? Did him molesting kids bring recruits to the school? I think not. Therefore they have no grounds to forfeit those wins.

I could go on and on about this but Joe Paterno is dead. Bless his soul. And Sandusky is exactly where he belongs and will remain. Justice has been served. The individuals who committed the crimes or misdeeds have been punished. So why must the innocents of the Penn State Football suffer along with them, and suffer so greatly.

It is unjust. The punishment was so severe as to make sure that the NCAA would receive no backlash accusing them of allowing such actions by their players and coaches. It is all a political game. No need for the fine. No need for half the things that happened. Unfortunately those things did happen but we need to move on. Justice has been served, now let’s reevaluate all these sanctions and fines and hand out a more appropriate punishment. Shout out to Tom Corbett for having the moral courage to stand against the popular sentiment and fighting for the forgotten.

I’m not naive enough to believe that this isn’t a political move by the Governor but I’m still hoping people will echo my sentiments. Those students at Penn State don’t deserve this. Those coaches don’t deserve this. The families of all those associated individuals don’t deserve this. Let’s give em what they deserve. Sandusky got what he deserved. Let Penn State Live.