Monthly Archives: April 2013

Last night neither Manti Teo and Geno Smith got picked in the first round and everyone sounds so surprised. I’m not really sure why. I don’t give much stock to combine numbers. I critique players off of what I see in the game. Both players shone in college but they were good against subpar competition. 

Manti Teo had one game where he played against an NFL caliber offensive line. That was against Alabama. The entire Alabama O-Line is getting drafted this year so it is safe to say that what he faced in the championship game is what he will see in the league. During roll call that game I marked Teo absent. I questioned everything about him that game. He’s slow in space, with questionable leadership skills and heart. In the second half several Irish defensive players tried to rally the team with their play, Teo was not one of them. He got beat down almost every play that night.

It is the same with Geno Smith. He moved to the Big 12 and we saw what kind of season he had. They blamed it on the lack of a running game. When exactly has West Virginia ever had a solid running game? Geno Smith had two of the top rated WR’s in the country and flailed around in the pocket against top competition. Your play speaks for yourself. If you don’t play well against top competition in college then you won’t succeed in the league. Especially at the NFL level, where everyone is top competition. 

I would honestly take Tyler Wilson or Landry Jones over Geno. Nico Johnson, Jelani Jenkins and Kevin Minter are all better than Teo in my book. I just do not get why these players are ranked so high. If Teo’s imaginary girlfriend had not died I doubt we would all know who he was. Your play speaks for itself. Geno had wide receivers that made him look wonderful last season and both of them should get drafted before he does. I just don’t see why these guys are rated so high. I would’ve said late second round anyway because neither one of them are instant starters but hey what do I know. 

You guys watch football what do you think about this mess?