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Chad Johnson is if nothing else a great entertainer. On his twitter account Chad revisited his reaction to when Ray Lewis knocked his block off during a game a few years ago.


It got me to thinking. Most of Ray Lewis’ tough guy image is a product of the murder trial about a decade ago. The trial concluded that Ray Lewis didn’t kill anyone but got someone to do it for him(from what I remember). Then I thought more about it and every time Ray talked his way out of situations. Maybe Ray was a big softie.

None of this really matters, but in that fight I think I would put my money on 85.



Details seem to be a bit sketchy but so far 12 Tennessee Volunteer players have been either cited or arrested from charges ranging from underage drinking to possession of drug paraphernalia. Notable Vols involved are All-American LB AJ Johnson, Dontavious Sapp, Curtis Maggit, and Jaylen-Reeves Maybin.

Police Report states that AJ Johnson attempted to intervene when officers were placing Dontavius Sapp.

Incidents like this are the last thing that we need while we are trying to get back to the top of the SEC. Butch Jones has shown he’s a high character kind of a guy so i’m sure he will handle this appropriately. The last thing we need is hefty suspensions of our key defensive players.

As a Tennesse Vols fan the past few years have been as hard to watch as episode of Real Housewives but my boys are on the right track. We have been on a downward spiral starting with Fulmer’s decision to start Erik Ainge over Brent Schaeffer but it is looking like Tennessee football is back. With a Top 5 recruiting class and an upset win against South Carolina last season, Butch Jones is definitely on the right track. In spite of this incident we’ve been doing the right things and this won’t shelve my excitement for next season. 

#GoVols #Team118 #BrickByBrick

Earlier this evening Missouri Tigers DE Michael Sam announced that he is homosexual. This is the first high profile NCAA player to “come out”. I applaud Sam’s courage in announcing who he really is to the world and I pray that his team mates continue to support him through the tough times ahead.


The downside to this is that Michael Sam is also declaring for the NFL Draft and unfortunately this may affect his draft stock. NFL locker rooms are borderline homophobic which is somewhat appalling given the homoerotic behavior exhibited in most locker rooms. NFL executives may be wary of bringing in a player in fear of the retaliation or other issues that may be awaiting the soon to be NFL rookie. Especially given the fallout after the Jonathan Martin ordeal. This coupled with Sam’s less than stellar performance in Mizzou’s bowl game is definitely going to affect his draft stock.

But any who, congratulations to Sam for having courage enough to be who he really is in spite of all that may befall him. Michael Sam is a Tiger and regardless of the orientation of his stripes, he’s still a Tiger. Hopefully, sooner than later, everyone will see it that way.