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When I was a kid, I would always lie to get out of trouble. The majority of the time the lie would get me into more trouble than I was facing at first. My dad would always tell me ” If you would’ve told me the truth to start with you wouldn’t be as much trouble as you are in now”. I would always roll my eyes and think “yeah right”.¬†Somewhere in LA Josh Shaw was rolling his eyes too.

Josh Shaw

We recently heard a story about how USC CB Josh Shaw heroically saved his little cousin from drowning by jumping from a two story balcony, crawling to the pool, and magically slivered in and pulled his cousin to safety.

Wait a minute…

First I thought, a 7 year old in California can’t swim? How can you swim with two broken ankles? Is that even possible? The kid was alone at an apartment pool in the summertime? How’d he get out of the pool? There were plenty of questions. I put them all to rest because if the media reported it then it must be true right? I mean the media said Manti Teo had a girlfriend so of course they’re super credible.¬†

But here we are on August 27th and the truth comes out. Josh Shaw lied. Josh Shaw was fleeing a burglary. Josh Shaw is an idiot. Now this is what I have a problem with. He didn’t have to lie. As college football fans we are well aware of how legal misconduct is handled when it pertains to high profile athletes. Theres a huge uproar, the athlete in question apologizes, the police commissioner gets box seats for the next home game, athlete gets slap on the wrist, we forgot about it. Apparently, Josh Shaw hasn’t been in touch with national media for the past decade. You big dummy.

Red Foxx

If he had told the truth he would have only received a slap on the wrist. Might have been suspended for a few games and then boom he’s back with a vengeance and redeeming himself on and off the field. Instead Josh Shaw is suspended indefinitely from all football activities. Now his integrity is about as broken as Paul George’s leg and maybe his D-1 football career. We always say “innocent until proven guilty” but we also say “once a liar always a liar”. Capitan no mas for Josh.

There’s a valuable lesson to be learned in this. Only break into apartments on the first floor.