Contrary to the information leaked by it seems that Mayweahther didn’t bet on Michigan and lose. Terez Owens reported that Mayweather actually raked in 3 mill after Bama destroyed Michigan.

Floyd Mayweather won 3 million off of Alabama destroying Michigan 41-14. It’s funny how all you foolio’s were telling me he took Michigan. Floyd is a winner and we will be laying down our hard earned cash on whatever he bets. 1-0 us.” – Terez Owens

All of us little people who work hard for all of our money were so excited that Mayweather lost after betting such a large sum of money on one game and now we are all enraged that he won. Hoorah for capatalism!!!


A lot of the time when people lose everyone has some excuse, the fight was fixed, the mob was involved, the list goes on. But this time the fight WAS fixed, the MOB had to be involved.

Last night Bradley was declared the victor in a split decision. I have not heard one person say that Bradley won that fight. Bradley didn’t think he won, neither did Bradley’s manager or coach or anyone else in his camp. Why? Because he didn’t win the fight.

Pacquiao beat Bradley round after round after round. But I guess the judges missed a few of those rounds looking at asses in the crowd or something. I just don’t get it. The Senate has to have an investigation, the Nevada State Athletic Commission has to have an investigation, for god’s sake Avengers…ASSEMBLE!!!

I think this has signaled the end of boxing as a major sport. There aren’t any big names in boxing other than Mayweather and Pacquiao. And with the scandals like this that discredit the integrity of the sport, then people figure why bother if the judges just make dumb ass scorecards to hand the win to the apparent loser.

Bradley beat Pacquiao…you can only shake your head at such foolishness.