Kobe Says He’d Smack Ibaka

During a Clipper vs.Thunder game Serge Ibaka hit Blake Griffin in the nuts. Serge was not ejected from the game, to the surprise of just about everything. The Black Mamba chimed in on the incident when asked in an interview about the situation he replied “I prolly would’ve smacked him in the mouth”. Now Kobe has never been one to hold his tongue and this may be exactly what the Lakers need. The Lakers need to play tougher. They need a fighting spirit and this might be what keeps them focused for the rest of this playoff push.

Whats yet to be seen is who Kobe gone smack. Ibaka is African. Ibaka prolly fought Lions and Gorillas bigger than Kobe. So I doubt he’s worried but it all makes for a good storyline leading up to the Laker vs Thunder matchup on Tuesday.



Most notably we heard about Manti Teo’s imaginary girlfriend. This story gets more and more hilarious every time something new comes out. Apparently Manti Teo had a girlfriend who he never met. Which is weird considering he was the star player on the number one team in the nation. I highly doubt that there was a shortage of females in South Bend pursuing him. It’s a huge lie. He got caught and now he is trying to do damage control. This truly sounds like something only Olivia Pope could fix. Manti’s draft stock plummeted after he pulled a disappearing act in the BCS Championship game. After this fiasco here I would have him late 3rd round, early 4th. From what I here, his measurables aren’t all that great and given this embarrassingĀ situation I doubt he wants to go to the combine and face the ridicule from his peers.

The Lakers are 17-25 and Kobe Bryant has been very vocal about the team struggles. The coach is horrible for the team to begin with. They have two ailing big men with limited mobility. Both Pau and Dwight on the floor at the same time create serious spacing problems especially considering Dwights limitations. They obviously don’t want to play for this coach as we can see the lack of consistent tenacious play. Steve Nash has not been anywhere near effective as we though. Dwight has been close to non existent. His numbers aren’t too much lower than his career average but his impact has been minimal in just about every game. He whines and complains about the team but I haven’t seen him take any type of initiative to get the team back on track. I say trade Pau, trade Dwight.

Speaking of trading superstars the New York Jets have been shopping around All Pro cornerback Darrel Revis. Revis has been the only consistent high performer on the defense so I am not understanding this move at all. The Jets are a joke. Rex Ryan is a joke. The owner is a joke. The owner came out and said that Tim Tebow was forced on him. You go out and trade for a player that you don’t give an opportunity to win you games. That is crazy. Tebow may not have the tangibles but he wins. Sanchez throws interceptions and McElroy holds on tight to his Crimson Tide glory days because he’ll never see success at this level.

The Ravens and the 49ers are in the Har-Bowl. Colin Kapernick has an amazing story. It’s kind of like Willie Beamin, any given sunday, ish. Or how the dude replaces boobie miles in Friday Night Lights. The whole fiasco itself is interesting. God has Ray Lewis on his side or does Ray Lewis have God on his side? I’m not sure but I don’t blog about murderers. I’ll take the Ravens. Bernard Pollard has been channeling Bernard Hopkins and his nickname because he has been the executioner these past few weeks. Ravens 30-17


In Brooklyn patience is not a virtue. After a hot start the Nets have fizzled out and it seems the management has had it with Avery Johnson. P.J. Carlesimo will be taking over as head coach and i’m sure Phil Jackson has received a call by now to begin talks to become the Nets next head coach. Who knows Kiki Vandewegh might even get the job. I don’t know when General Managers will figure out that firing your head coach a quarter of the way into the season is not how you make it to the finals but it obviously isn’t this season.

The Los Angeles Lakers are a game under .500 and people act like they are the Washington Wizards. There are a lot of factors that play into this. The Lakers have had three different Head Coaches this season. They have a roster of players who haven’t really been on the court with each other that long. Dwight Howard is recovering from MAJOR back surgery and still isn’t 100%. The majority of the starting lineup has been in and out with injuries so they haven’t really had a chance to build any chemistry with each other.

To top it all off hiring Mike D’Antoni was an idiot move. Why would you hire a coach that loves to run with a roster that is obviously built for the half court. I remember times when Nash would try to push the ball and the rest of the team is just looking lost and other times Metta World Peace would be leading the fastbreak instead of letting Nash do his job. D’Antoni complains about defensive intensity not being “up there” but he has stated time and time again in his career the lack of importance for defense.

Throughout all this. The Lakers are still one game under .500 with 50+ games left, and when everyone becomes 100% and comfortable with this new system they’re playing in believe that they will be a force to be reckoned with.26B1lakerspromocolor20p-779x1024

Last night the controversial Lakers SF Metta World Peace reached the 12,000 point plateau. His achievement was largely eclipsed by Kobe Bryant being the 5th player in NBA history to reach the 30K mark. When asked how he felt about it.
Metta World Peace responded. “Fuck That. I just want to win.”
“I judge myself on winning. That’s it.”

Might have been quote of the year.
If only all players adopted Mettas attitude. Minus the elbows of course.


After numerous attempts by players to get the nod for a prime time Emmy award, the NBA is finally recognizing flopping as an issue that damages the integrity of the game. Recently flopping has become a big problem in the NBA, affecting the way the game is played and even how the game is called by the refs. A referees call has to be consistent so if he calls a flop once then he has to call that same flop a foul every time. As a player, guarding a notorious flopper puts you at a great disadvantage as well. Breathing too hard may send the better floppers flying into the stands.

This upcoming season the NBA will be commissioning a committee similar to the one that reviews flagrant fouls. Questionable calls will be reviewed by the league office and if determined a flop, players will receive a fine from the NBA. This should make players a bit more more cautious about flopping for calls and give the defenders a bit more wiggle room so they no longer have to fear the flop.

There’s a thin line between foul and flop. Maybe this season King Flop ( Lebron James ) and his faithful budding flopee ( Mario Chalmers ) will figure out where it’s drawn.

Below are a few of King Flop’s highlights.