Ray Rice

This entire Ray and Janay Rice thing is such a headache. The woman swung on her the fianc√© and he swung back and knocked her out. Now let’s not get this misconstrued as me advocating domestic abuse because I do not. But this was not abuse. People are treating Ray Rice as if he consistently abuses his wife for no apparent reason. The rule of thumb is you don’t hit somebody without expecting to be it back. Hell there’s a law of physics that says something like every reaction has an equal or greater reaction. Well there you go.

If she didn’t want to be hit she shouldn’t have hit him. Now of course the video looks bad because he is much stronger than she is but she also knew this before she attacked him so there’s that. In no way is it okay for her to put hands on him and not expect the same thing. That’s crazy.

The other problem I have is that people are attacking Janay Rice for standing by her husband through this troublesome time. This entire world confuses me because we have these Christian principles that people preach but they don’t stand by. They said “till death to we part” not “until shit gets tough”. She is doing exactly what she is supposed to do. Instead of placing the blame solely on Ray Rice she accepts her part in the affair and she chooses to support her husband and move forward. And the media is not making it any easier.¬†

This is exactly what real life looks like. Ray Rice made a mistake. We have all made plenty. Who are we to crucify a person for their faults. Should we not allow them a chance at redemption? As far as we know Ray Rice could be the model husband besides this singular incident. Why are people so quick to attack and so slow to forgive. What happened to transparency and forgiveness. What happened to logic?

What happened to being human?