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This entire year leading up to the Olympics hurdler Lori Jones, better known as Lolo amongst her fan base has been receiving heavy media attention. Her story has been on every major news outlet and she has really taken the world by storm with her story, her good looks, and the fact that she is a virgin. People want to blame her for the attention she is receiving or for sharing her story with the world or for simply being herself. Lolo got all of the endorsements and the money before she even raced and they hate her for it. They hate her because she was Americas sweet heart. The fuck??


Above is a picture of the two women from the U.S. Olympic who placed. Can anyone really be angry that companies chose to use Lolo’s face instead of theirs? Dawn Harper and Kellie Welles were so happy that they finally got some attention that they forgot about their team mate in anguish. The entire season they both ran better times than Jones. They just had less fans and that made them salty. So instead of being an olympian and uplifting their team mate after such an excruciating loss they put her down. Making catty remarks in the media about Lolo. Through it all Lolo remains the same humble girl who we will all love.

For the past 4 years Lolo Jones entire life has been about this moment and she came up short. We all know that but are we going to bash her for simply not being good enough. It’s not like she guaranteed gold or was arrogant or super cocky she just wanted to win, but she didn’t. The race was close as hell and no one knew who won but after Jones looked up at the scoreboard and saw 4th place and her years best time you could see the disappointment. After the race Lolo Jones sulked off the track fighting back tears while her Olympian team mates took a victory lap waving the flag.


“Now I’ve had two bittersweet Olympics,” Jones said. “I’m like, man every time I come here, I get burned.… I don’t know.… I’ll always think, what could I have done differently.”

“It was my season’s best time,” she said, “so obviously I did the best I could do.”

“I guess all the people who were talking about me, they can have their night and laugh about me,” she said.

“I’m really disappointed in myself, and I felt like I let a lot of people down,” she said, fighting back tears. “I just feel like a big disappointment.”

All are post race quotes from Jones. Obviously she wanted this. She didn’t ask for the money and the fame. We gave it to her and now we’re destroying her because she gave everything she had and it wasn’t enough. Go Team America