This guy isn’t winning a grammy anytime soon but this song sure did hype me and the rest of the Volunteer fan base up. It’s a song dedicated to the Tennessee Volunteers new Head Football Coach. Here is the “Butch Jones” song. Check it out. We’re going to kick your ass….


Can we all agree that this is not a good time for the Gator Alumni?

Philadelphia Eagles and former Florida Gator wideout Riley Cooper was caught on tape at a Kenny Chesney concert saying ” I will fight ever nigger here”. At first thought we are all like woah Riley. Not cool. But is Riley Cooper a racist? That’s a clown question bro.

Riley Cooper is drunk, white, and stupid; obviously. He was also around “his own”. He felt comfortable and he let the word fly. Riley Cooper played for the University of Florida, a team filled with minorities. Granted Gainesville’s population isn’t the most diverse but the locker room he spent most of his time in was full of black people. If he was racist then i’m sure he would have committed to Minnesota or something like that.

He has already issued an apology to all his black team mates. ( Cause those are the only black people that matter to Riley ) Michael Vick accepted his apology. Now it’s not okay that he did it but let’s accept his apology and move on. Race is such a polarizing issue so I doubt the fanatics will let it go.

This is a very progressive world we live in. Let’s keep it that way. Want proof. I’m a fucking Vols fan defending a Gator. Go figure.


Here is the video

Last night neither Manti Teo and Geno Smith got picked in the first round and everyone sounds so surprised. I’m not really sure why. I don’t give much stock to combine numbers. I critique players off of what I see in the game. Both players shone in college but they were good against subpar competition. 

Manti Teo had one game where he played against an NFL caliber offensive line. That was against Alabama. The entire Alabama O-Line is getting drafted this year so it is safe to say that what he faced in the championship game is what he will see in the league. During roll call that game I marked Teo absent. I questioned everything about him that game. He’s slow in space, with questionable leadership skills and heart. In the second half several Irish defensive players tried to rally the team with their play, Teo was not one of them. He got beat down almost every play that night.

It is the same with Geno Smith. He moved to the Big 12 and we saw what kind of season he had. They blamed it on the lack of a running game. When exactly has West Virginia ever had a solid running game? Geno Smith had two of the top rated WR’s in the country and flailed around in the pocket against top competition. Your play speaks for yourself. If you don’t play well against top competition in college then you won’t succeed in the league. Especially at the NFL level, where everyone is top competition. 

I would honestly take Tyler Wilson or Landry Jones over Geno. Nico Johnson, Jelani Jenkins and Kevin Minter are all better than Teo in my book. I just do not get why these players are ranked so high. If Teo’s imaginary girlfriend had not died I doubt we would all know who he was. Your play speaks for itself. Geno had wide receivers that made him look wonderful last season and both of them should get drafted before he does. I just don’t see why these guys are rated so high. I would’ve said late second round anyway because neither one of them are instant starters but hey what do I know. 

You guys watch football what do you think about this mess?

I was reading Of The Wings Of Atalanta by W.E.B. Dubois the other day when I get a notification from the score center app saying that Ed Reed signed with the Texans. Then the Bears tell Brian Urlacher he is asking for too much money. It is crazy how those Golden Apples corrupt us huh Atalanta? Ed Reed is one of the main reasons that the Ravens have either one of their super bowl rings. Ed Reed has been more productive than any Ravens player in the last decade; including Ray Lewis. Ed Reed has sacrificed several million dollars to remain with the Ravens all these years and now at the tail end of his career they tell him they’re deciding to go in another direction.

Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

Then you have Brain Urlacher. He is an eight time pro bowler. Was rookie of the year. Won defensive player of the year. After 1,294 tackles and 41.5 sacks the Bears are telling Urlacher that he is asking for too much money. The same Urlacher who kept the team together through the whole Lance Briggs ordeal. The one who took them to the Super Bowl. He’s no longer good enough to be a Chicago Bear. Urlacher is Chicago football. But I guess the face of your franchise is only worth 2 million a year.


Players like Ed Reed and Brian Urlacher sacrifice so much to remain with one team because thats part of their character. That loyalty to the organization that gave them an opportunity. There were years when the Ravens and the Bears were trash and had ample opportunity to leave but they didn’t.

This is becoming a trend in the NFL. The Patriots are notorious for doing it. Randy Moss becomes the model citizen for your franchise. Breaks several records and you just let him go. The Colts cut Peyton Manning when he made their organization what it is. The Cardinals let go Adrain Wilson. The Ravens traded Anquan Boldin. And let me tell you without Boldin, Flacco would not have looked nowhere near as good as he did this season. Boldin’s ability to go up and get the ball made Flacco look amazing. And it’s not like these guys replacements are going to more productive than they were.

It just baffles me how it is okay for the team to let a player go and we chalk it up to a business decision but when a player in his prime leaves his team for more money elsewhere he is crucified as greedy and selfish. It’s never just business then. It seems like loyalty is fading and fast but maybe it’s just me. What do you guys think?

Shawne Merriman



LB Shawne Merriman most known for his lights out celebration dance is calling it quits. He announced his retirement earlier today. I’m not going to go into his stats in such because i’m not very familiar with them. I do know at the start of his career we knew that he was the second coming of Junior Seau and maybe the next L.T. just light skinned. Somewhere in there he lost a step. First he had the steroid allegations. After that he hurt his knee. Got waived by the Chargers and never got his swagger back. He had a season ending achilles injury and that might have taken the fight out of him.

Whatever the case may be, Merriman left us with great memories, great hits, and a lights out dance that I demonstrated to my girlfriend and had her looking at me like a mental patient. He was one of the most exciting defensive players during his time and it’s crazy more people don’t know who he is. We know Priest Holmes still remembers. But best of luck to you in your future endeavors Shawne. Lights Out for good.

Kobe Says He’d Smack Ibaka

During a Clipper vs.Thunder game Serge Ibaka hit Blake Griffin in the nuts. Serge was not ejected from the game, to the surprise of just about everything. The Black Mamba chimed in on the incident when asked in an interview about the situation he replied “I prolly would’ve smacked him in the mouth”. Now Kobe has never been one to hold his tongue and this may be exactly what the Lakers need. The Lakers need to play tougher. They need a fighting spirit and this might be what keeps them focused for the rest of this playoff push.

Whats yet to be seen is who Kobe gone smack. Ibaka is African. Ibaka prolly fought Lions and Gorillas bigger than Kobe. So I doubt he’s worried but it all makes for a good storyline leading up to the Laker vs Thunder matchup on Tuesday.


Most notably we heard about Manti Teo’s imaginary girlfriend. This story gets more and more hilarious every time something new comes out. Apparently Manti Teo had a girlfriend who he never met. Which is weird considering he was the star player on the number one team in the nation. I highly doubt that there was a shortage of females in South Bend pursuing him. It’s a huge lie. He got caught and now he is trying to do damage control. This truly sounds like something only Olivia Pope could fix. Manti’s draft stock plummeted after he pulled a disappearing act in the BCS Championship game. After this fiasco here I would have him late 3rd round, early 4th. From what I here, his measurables aren’t all that great and given this embarrassing situation I doubt he wants to go to the combine and face the ridicule from his peers.

The Lakers are 17-25 and Kobe Bryant has been very vocal about the team struggles. The coach is horrible for the team to begin with. They have two ailing big men with limited mobility. Both Pau and Dwight on the floor at the same time create serious spacing problems especially considering Dwights limitations. They obviously don’t want to play for this coach as we can see the lack of consistent tenacious play. Steve Nash has not been anywhere near effective as we though. Dwight has been close to non existent. His numbers aren’t too much lower than his career average but his impact has been minimal in just about every game. He whines and complains about the team but I haven’t seen him take any type of initiative to get the team back on track. I say trade Pau, trade Dwight.

Speaking of trading superstars the New York Jets have been shopping around All Pro cornerback Darrel Revis. Revis has been the only consistent high performer on the defense so I am not understanding this move at all. The Jets are a joke. Rex Ryan is a joke. The owner is a joke. The owner came out and said that Tim Tebow was forced on him. You go out and trade for a player that you don’t give an opportunity to win you games. That is crazy. Tebow may not have the tangibles but he wins. Sanchez throws interceptions and McElroy holds on tight to his Crimson Tide glory days because he’ll never see success at this level.

The Ravens and the 49ers are in the Har-Bowl. Colin Kapernick has an amazing story. It’s kind of like Willie Beamin, any given sunday, ish. Or how the dude replaces boobie miles in Friday Night Lights. The whole fiasco itself is interesting. God has Ray Lewis on his side or does Ray Lewis have God on his side? I’m not sure but I don’t blog about murderers. I’ll take the Ravens. Bernard Pollard has been channeling Bernard Hopkins and his nickname because he has been the executioner these past few weeks. Ravens 30-17